Building Automation Systems

We’re passionate about Building Automation & Controls. We have developed a strong recruitment team that specializes in BAS and DDC Systems for HVAC.

Building Automation customers across the country are contacting BAS Recruiting to help hire BAS professionals to join their team.

Our team makes new connections daily with BAS professionals. We recruit and identify the top talent to help find you the perfect match.

High ROI

By partnering with BAS Recruiting for your Building Automation hiring needs, you can spend your time focusing on what you do best – – running your business.

What We Offer


Remote Staffing

Remote Staffing gives you the ability to access candidates with a deeper talent pool, as the talent will be unrestricted by geography.


Direct Hire

Our Direct Hire services, known as ``Recruiting``, includes the filling of immediate permanent positions within and outside of our network.


Contract/Temporary Staffing

Temporary workers are essential for organizations with project workloads and seasonal needs.

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